Rabbit Farming in Goa

Rabbit business have high potential all over the India specially in Goa. One of the best advantage of the rabbit farming is that it reproduce very fast and feed cost of the rabbit is very low it is ten rupees per day per rabbit.

Rabbit feeding ingredients are hey and fresh grass is best for the rabbit's health.   Add some vegetables in the rabbit food so that all the needed nutrients given to the rabbit.

Many of our clients  have been in the business from past fifteen years  and they are making a good lump sum. 

We are providing the training to those peoples who are new in the industry. 

In India government is promoting the business  and providing the subsidies to the farmers.

Rabbit is the good source of the protein and it is in high demand.  

Here we are breeding different types of the rabbit specially in Goa and cost of the feeding is almost same but the price of the foreign breeds specially american rabbit is always in high demand.

You can start your business with the minimum amount.

We are providing our business in almost all the states in India.

 Advantages of Rabbit Farming: 

  • Rabbit can easily survive in Indian climate.
  • Rabbit breeds and grows very fast. 
  • Return on investment is very high and quick.
  • Rabbit have better immune power so they are not easily sick.