Rabbit Farming in West Bengal

Rabbit Farming business is growing at the fast pace in India. In Rural areas villagers are adopting it as a business and starting it from their homes. As in India human population is exploding, so to meet the demand of the nutritious food. Rabbit food is the best option for nutritious non veg food. Govt of India is promoting this business and providing the subsidies to the small entrepreneur.

Why Rabbit farming not any other cattle farming

•    Size and nature of the rabbit is quite friendly as compared to the other cattle’s.

•    Rabbit  breed at the high pace within two or three months rabbits give birth to the five to six rabbits

•    Within two or three months rabbits weight increase by two or three kg.

•    People prefer rabbit food as it is nutritious and easily digestive.

•    You can get the knowledge easily from anywhere, how to start rabbit business.

•    Rabbit farming in India have good potential  as compared to the other farming.

•    Rabbit farming business is the most profitable business as it is in high demand.

•    Feeding cost of the rabbit is quite low, normally days they just need the hey and grass which is easily available in India without any cost. If you are I village the you can grow the grass nearby your home

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We are providing training and all the stuff which is required for a successful businessman in rabbit farming field.