Rabbit Manure

Rabbit manure is considered to be highest in nitrogen among all the other domesticated species. Comparative approximate NPK Values of Various Animal Manures are mentioned below, rabbit farming in himachal pradesh and Haryana.

Animal  % Nitrogen % Phosphoric Acid % Potash
Dairy Cow 0.57 0.23 0.62
Beef Steer 0.73 0.48 0.55
Horse 0.70 0.25 0.77
Swine 0.49 0.49 .47
Sheep/Goat 1.44 0.5 1.21
Rabbit 2.40 1.40 0.60
Chicken 1.00 0.80 0.39

(*Anon. 1998. Fertilizer values of some manures. Countryside & Small Stock Journal. September-October. p. 75) Thus in coming days rabbit manure can be an additional source of income for the farmers. The manure has already been tried by few farmers in India on some crops with simple processing and has given excellent results. We think that rabbit manure will surely contribute to the concept of Organic Farming, because of its excellent nutirtivity .

Record Keeping

An ideal rabbitry always progresses with good record for all the aspects. A. Breeding Records

1. Rabbit's number
2. Number of rabbit to which this rabbit was bred
3. Date bred
4. Date kindled
5. Number of bunnies born
6. Number of bunnies weaned
7. Weight of bunnies at weaning time